March 17, 2015

Episode Eight


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Works in Progress

Finished Projects

  • Clara Dress on Ravelry by Karin Vestergaard Mathiensen offered only as a kit but it is actually a traditional Norwegian pattern which can be found here. This is a somewhat controversial pattern on Ravelry… Who owns the pattern? 
    • Additional link to extra sizes of this pattern!
  • Doris Mittens by Clara Falk in Tusindfryds EngleUld from Majas Manufaktur in Curry and Off-White. I'm knitting these on my new Karbonz fixed-circular 3mm needles. I-cord cast-on


Shawl Design and lace tops :)


Thank you to those of you who posted on the Episode thread or in the Youtube comments :) I love hearing from you!!

My Question to you this week is : What are your favorite needles to use for knitting hats? Have you ever been to Ireland? What must-see yarnie/sheepie things can you recommend?

Nicky from New Zealand asks: Would you mind telling us a bit more about how it is that you are in Sweden ? What do you do for a job, or are you a stay at home knitter? Do you plan to move back to the US? Do you keep a knitting journal?

Susie from Oregon asks for tips on improving finishing. Check out the Purl Bee's post on weaving in ends! I like using their Knitting Tutorials for other things too. This will be something I continue to address on my podcast :)

Kira from Oregon asks: Do you impose a limit on the size of your stash? 


Swedish Finull information from the Fleece and Fiber Sourcebook.

Tink = Knit spelled backwards. Who knew?!?

See you next week!

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  1. Those Doris Mittens are gorgeous. I appreciate all of the links you put in your show notes and have gone to check out most of them.