March 10, 2015

Episode Seven


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I am excited to announce my two patterns that were released on Saturday! Södermalm and Södermalm-Light are now available on Ravelry. From now until March 31st, put both patterns in your cart and receive a $4 discount instantly.

This week in Stockholm (and acquisitions)

  • Kampes 2-trådigt ullgarn in light gray from Litet Nystan 
  • Karbonz 
  • Visit with the new baby and the Little Hearts cardigan fits :) 

Works in Progress

  • Clara Dress on Ravelry by Karin Vestergaard Mathiensen offered only as a kit but it is actually a traditional Norwegian pattern which can be found here. This is a somewhat controversial pattern on Ravelry… Who owns the pattern? 
    • Additional link to extra sizes of this pattern!
  • Doris Mittens by Clara Falk in Tusindfryds EngleUld from Majas Manufaktur in Curry and Off-White. I'm knitting these on my new Karbonz fixed-circular 3mm needles. I-cord cast-on

Finished Projects


My Question to you this week is : What is your most worn/used finished object?

  • Kaitlin asks: Are you a process knitter or a product knitter?



See you next week!


  1. Hi Maria! I like your top ideas, and I am also interested to make one. Although in here we are expecting autumn and winter soon... Anyway, here is a few of my favs:

    1. Hi Helen! Those look lovely :) I have started doing some watching but I'm still not totally sold on which top it will be! Lucky for you now you can cozy under some wool and knit warm things!