May 12, 2015

Episode Sixteen


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Lattice shawl now available on Ravelry!

Swedish Spring Shawl is now available for download on Ravelry :) I've added an additional chart that you can download now if you would like to extend the lace edge for another repeat.

This week in Stockholm (and acquisitions) 

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        • Ladybythebay asks: Any tips for keeping track of where you are when knitting on charts? 
        My question for you this week is: Are you a private or public knitter?

        Have a question? Ask! I'm happy to answer questions in the show.

        See you next week!

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        1. Hi
          I have been enjoying your podcasts. I knit in public on public transport, sometimes it invokes some lovely conversations. Sometimes it saves people bothering me but mainly it helps focus my mind whilst travelling.