September 28, 2015

Episode Thirty-One

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I have a new shawl pattern coming soon! It is called the Dew Shawl and it will be released on October 1st. There will be a kit in collaboration with Maya from the Wool barn. The kit will include my pattern, yarn, a project bag, and a few other little helpful things. The pattern will also be available just by itself on Ravelry. But either way, it is perfect for the  #shawlseasonKAL! I'll be giving away a few of the patterns, comment on this week's episode thread and you'll be entered to win. To enter to win one of the kits enter over on a thread I'll make just for that purpose.

I love seeing your projects and pictures on instagram and ravelry.

I've extended the Agatha Socks giveaway to next week because I love seeing your responses on Ravelry. Head over to this thread at the Ravelry group.

I'm also going to be giving away a couple of copies of the Bonbon Shawlete by Fluffy Fibers. I'll pull the winners from the chatter thread for the shawl season KAL.

Works in Progress

In the works

  • Kennebeck by Dawn Catanzaro, a lovely cowl in brioche out of Brooklyn Tweed's Wool People Vol. 5, for Thomas.
  • If you have any ideas of a nice large warm brioche shawl let me know because I'm on the look out for a brioche shawl for myself. I'm thinking of making Askews Me Dickey by Stephen West but I'm not sure yet. 

Questions and Answers
A viewer asked: Do you ever come across a stitch a few rows back that looks funny? Do you go back and fix it? Or just leave it?

Usually I drop the stitch down and fix it, then bring the stitches back up with a crochet hook.

If you have a question feel free to ask it in the Questions and Suggestions thread over in our Ravelry Group or send me a pm on Ravelry. I do my best to answer messages but I have less time now that I'm in school again so it might take a little while.

See you next week! And in the mean time, don't forget to check out our Ravelry group which is filled with great people.

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  1. Its so lovely to have the shownotes back !
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