October 5, 2015

Episode Thirty Two

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The Dew Shawl was released on October 1st along with the kit in collaboration with Maya from the Wool barn. The kits included my pattern, yarn, a project bag, and a few other little helpful things. Thank you everyone who purchased a kit! If you missed out don't worry, there will be more. You can head over to the Wool Barn and pre-order a kit for either a large or small shawl :)

It's been so much fun to watch people's progress on instagram and ravelry with the #shawlseasonKAL hashtag.


  • Dew kit give away
  • Check the Ravelry group for the announcements of who won other patterns
  • You can still enter to win a shawl in the chatter thread for the shawlseasonKAL

Knitcation- aka stay at home and knit all day.

Works in Progress
Upcoming projects
Technique Tip
A lot of people call all color work projects "fair isle" and don't realize that fair isle is just one type of color work. "Fair isle is to colorwork as kleenex is to tissue." 

See you next week! And in the mean time, don't forget to check out our Ravelry group which is filled with great people.

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