January 18, 2016

Episode Forty



I ordered my labels from this etsy shop. 

Sorry the show notes are rather sparse. I'm finding that I don't have enough time to make them really nice so I might have to stop doing them...


  1. Just watched episode 40. Bravo! I really liked your way of critiquing the color work pattern that you purchased. I'm hoping that thoughtful, respectful critiquing such as the one you delivered today will be well received by the designing community. There are many patterns that I have purchased that are not really clear or the designer is assuming that key points are already understood by the knitter. This type of pattern writing is exactly what discourages the knitter to push on to a higher level of knitting. I'm a hands on learner, however; if the instructions are not guiding me through the process, frustration sets in, or I doubt my ability to achieve the task or project. It was excellent that being a designer yourself you experienced what so many of us have and were able to communicate that in a way that should not be offensive to anyone. Thank you for that. I hope your neck and wrist are not serious injuries, and that you will be back to 100% very soon. Best from Texas! Lisa Wright

  2. First of all I love your blog! I know your show notes must be a lot of extra work for you, but whatever its worth, I Love Your Show Notes !!!
    You have done so many knit projects. Could you please share how you store your knit garments. Thank you from California, Janie O'

    PS Very well said Lisa Wright, I agree 100%

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  4. Hi I have recently purchased your Little Hearts Yoked Colourwork Cardigan and on commencing rows 1-8 you start with row 1 knit row 2 Purl but then you procedure to say to continue as established in garter stitch for next 6 rows which is not what the pattern says then in rows 9-13 it reads knit 5 rounds of stockinette stitch which you say is knit all stitches something is wrong in this pattern I purchased can you please confirm or update pattern and forward to me Thank you for your time