April 18, 2016

Episode Forty-Seven


  • Timeless Henley by Joji Locateli in Hedgehog Fibers sock color: Implode
  • Vinterstorm by Ann Pinneguri in Holst Garn Coast in colors: Lead, Dove, and Aconite 
  • Kvothe by Carmen Smolne in Manos del Uruguay Fino in color Silhouette


  • Skein Yarn Uptown Sock in Sorbet


  1. Really enjoy your podcast. I am in a sweater place in my knitting, so find what you discuss both relevant and helpful. A huge thank you for discussing your in class shawl project. I made a clapotis years back when the pattern was new with two skeins of yarn same dye lot. Before I realized you should alternate skeins. Completely different. Never wear, never will...plan to frog, wash, skein, and knit shawl you are doing. It's perfect for One skein of this yarn :))

  2. Hello, Maria! I really enjoy your podcasts. Started whith #1 (when my focus should have been on reading for exams, but I made it through ! :D ), and now watching #12.
    I have a question that might be interesting to others as well. I'm dreaming of knitting myself a laaarge shawl in soft but fresh, juicy colours. The picture in my head is washes of colour, like a diffuse water color painting, in raspberry, melon-y, yellow, pinks. I obviously need a variegated yarn for this, but not one of the yarns that make stripes. How do I pick a skein from, lets say Etsy, to ensure that it will provide the effect i want. I'm considering Candlelit or Swedish spring for the project, by the way.

  3. Try a shawl pattern called Tailwind on Ravelry. I believe designer is Swedish. Julie

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