May 10, 2016

Episode Forty-Eight

Thank you for all your kind comments on the last episode!

Works in Progress:

Finished Projects:

  • Kvothe by Carmen Smolne in Manos del Uruguay Fino in Silhouette    
  • Vinterstorm by Ann Meyer in Holst Garn Coast 




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Anyone working on a Capsule Wardrobe or something similar? I'd love to know more about it.


  1. The capsule wardrobe is an idea that comes around every so often. They change the name, but it's always a wardrobe plan the works around some basic pieces that all work together. I've never been successful at strictly following this kind of plan, but over the years I have developed a mini-plan that works for me.

    I like to make and shop for unusual pieces that fit my body style and personality, but this can result in a lot of pieces that can only be worn one way. I have now developed a palette of basic pieces in different colors that work as a background. This helps with sheer dresses in the summer that might otherwise get limited wear and in winter as basic pieces that can be worn under knitted and crocheted cardigans and shrugs I've made myself.

    It's kind of like expanding on the idea of basic black only you have different background colors that help show off the handmade pieces that you want to be the focus of attention.

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